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2nd EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems

November 22–24, 2017 | Starý Smokovec, Slovakia


1. Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. Juraj Sinay, DrSc.

Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak republic, Slovakia


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Head of the Department of Safety and Quality, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University in Košice, and the President of Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic. In the field of science and research, he has been dealing with mechanical dynamics as a source of technical risks, optimisation of risk management systems for technical systems and occupational health and safety, problems of control integrated systems, issues of safety and security, and with processes of quality assessment mainly in the field of college education as well. He tutored 13 doctorate students; 2 of them inaugurated as professors in fields related to safety and 1 habilitated as a senior lecturer in the field of Safety of Technical Systems. He is currently a member in the group of experts of the section Maschinen und Systemsicherheit IVSS in Mannheim, Germany, a member of Gesellschaft für Sicherheitswissenschaften VDI in Wuppertal, Germany, and a member of German-speaking conference of professors of Traffic Engineering in Europe residing in Hannover, Germany.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of Safe Work and a  member of the Editorial Board Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing, Wiley in New York, USA, a member of the Editorial Board DELTA, scholarly journal of Wood-working Faculty on  Technical University in Zvolen. Throughout his scientific work during an almost 30 years long period, he had published together as an author and co-author 9 monographs (4 of those in the SR and 5 abroad), 2 chapters in encyclopedias from publisher CRC Press in USA, 23 articles in scholarly journals abroad and 19 articles in the SR. He actively performed on 73 international conferences. He is the author and co-author of 47 lectures and publications with topics in the field of Quality of Scientific and Educational Activities within the European High Education Area, control of science and engineering within the European Research Area, as well as in the field of technology transfer.

Title: Risk Management for Hydrogen Technologies - Focused on mobile technology


Hydrogen technologies will play a key role in the near future in maintaining transport and mobility sustainability. The technical solutions used in hydrogen technology use many common elements from "traditional" types of propellant fossil fuel. However, the specific chemical, biological and physical properties of hydrogen require different approaches in construction and design. These specific properties also entail possible safety risks resulting from inadequate knowledge in this area. In order to minimize them, it is necessary to know these technologies also in terms of possible threats and to create a system for their early identification, minimization or elimination.

2.   Prof. Dr. Dragan Peraković

University of Zagreb

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Science,

Department of Information and Communication Traffic,

Republic of Croatia


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Prof. Dr. Dragan Peraković graduated and completed his Master’s degree and Ph.D. (doctoral dissertation title: ‘The Model of Information Distribution to Traffic System Users’) from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (FPZ) at the University of Zagreb.  Post graduation, he began his career at the FPZ where he currently holds the positions of Head of Department for Information and Communication Traffic and Head of Chair of Information Communication Systems and Services Management.

He has engaged in several international scientific projects and R&D studies as a researcher, leading researcher and evaluator (CiViTAS ELAN, Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport Through Education and Information Technology - HINT, Green Intermodal Freight Transport - GIFT, etc.).  He was the initiator and leading researcher for many important national projects such as the Research of the Context of the use of Smartphones and Related Information and Communication Services, Research of Possibilities on Applying the IoT Concept to Improve the Safety Movement of Blind and Visually Impaired Persons along the Traffic Network, Information and Communication Services for the Movement along the Traffic Network by the Persons of Reduced and Difficult Mobility, etc.

He is an author/co-author of more than 100 science papers (including two CC papers) and studies presented in journals and proceedings of international conferences, and five chapters in international scientific books.  He also participated in educational activities within the Faculty, as a lecturer and mentor for undergraduate and graduate study programs. Until now, he has been mentoring more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students and 3 postgraduate doctoral students.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Peraković is a member, board member and official editor of many journals and conferences of his profession, such as International Telecommunications Society (ITS), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), IEEE Communications Society, European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), DAAAM International, The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC), Scientific Council for Traffic of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) and the Croatian Chamber of Traffic and Transport Technologies (HKITPT), etc.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Peraković is chief editor of the International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF).

Title: Internet of things concept for informing visually impaired persons in indoor environments


Movement and informing visually impaired persons is difficult because mobile application solutions and services are unable to work in indoors environments. Main precondition for active participation in the daily living and needs of visually impaired persons is increased degree of mobility. The aim of this research is to increase the quality of life of visually impaired persons and the degree of mobility in indoor environments by applying modern information and communication technologies (Cloud Computing, Fog, IoT, AAL / ELE platform). User requirement will be used to define functionalities of service for informing visually impaired persons in the example of large retail chains. A conceptual system architecture model will be proposed for providing information service with the aim to provide real-time information to all system stakeholders. This research will also show simulation testing of the proposed architecture with Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 3 platforms for collecting information and informing end users. 

3.  Assoc. prof. Dr. Oldřich Kodym

College of Logistics

Přerov, Czech Republic



Head of Department of Master Studies,  College of Logistics, Přerov, Czech Republic. Former jobs: member of Department of Logistic and Technical Disciplines at College of Logistics; head of Department of Economics and Control Systems at Faculty of Mining and Geology, Technical University of Ostrava; member of Department of Development of Management and Control Systems at Odra Mine – OKD Coal Company. He is guarantor of study branch Information management (in field of logistic) and responsible for master studies of study branch Logistics. In the field of science and research, he has been dealing with topics of information and communication technologies in industry environment nowadays focused in logistics, internet of things, automated and automatic identification and virtual reality. He tutored several doctorate students, one of them inaugurated as vice rector. He is currently a member of scientific board of International Carpathian Control Conference; College representative for Lean&Green initiative of ECR; member of expert team for ICT infrastructure and for transportation in Moravian-Silesian Region; guest member of Editorial board of Acta Logistica Moravica; member of the Board of František Živný secondary grammar school in Bohumín. He is author of more than 90 research ouputs (29 of them indexed in Scopus, 25 in WoS and 3 in SciFinder).

Title of the speech: Smart Life in Smart Region


Putting together up to date particular technical and organizing solutions brings us significant spin-off effecting. With support of information and communication technologies we are able to accelerate innovations, new services in region and its municipalities. We can improve life of citizens, improve regional transportation and deliver unprecedented value in many other areas. Industry 4.0 is not the goal but the means.

4. Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Vitalii Ivanov, Ing. Paed. IGIP

Vice Dean at Sumy State University

Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools, Sumy State University, Ukraine


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Vitalii Ivanov is an Associate Professor of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools, and Vice Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Technical Systems an Energy Efficient Technologies of Sumy State University (Ukraine). He received a B.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Specialist Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Sumy State University (Ukraine) in 2005 and 2006 respectively; an Ph.D. Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (Ukraine) in 2010. In 2014 he was awarded the title of International Engineering Educator (ING.PAED.IGIP) by International Society for Engineering Education. Dr. Ivanov is a member of ASME, IAENG, IGIP, and associate member of EuroScience.

Dr. Ivanov took part in research projects funded by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, State Fund for Fundamental Researches, Ukrainian manufacturing companies, and EU grant program TEMPUS (project ENGITEC) funded by European Union. He was awarded of Scholarship of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for Young Researches in 2011 and 2014, Fellowship for Research Internship from Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine in 2011 and 2012, National Scholarship of the Slovak Republic in 2015, JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Fellowship in 2016. Dr. Ivanov was a Visiting Scholar at Institute for Machine Tools, University of Stuttgart (Germany) in 2011, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA) in 2013, and Visiting Associate Professor at Technical University of Kosice (Slovak Republic) in 2016. During 2013–2016 he took part in trainings at University of Leeds (Great Britain), Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Tashkent Automobile Road Institute (Uzbekistan), Georgian Technical University (Georgia), Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Georgia), Chubu University (Japan).

Dr. Ivanov’s research activities concern fixture design, include analysis, multicriteria optimization, verification; CAFD/CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM technologies in manufacturing engineering; multiaxis machining of complex parts for automotive industry; engineering education. His works within this scope were published in 3 textbooks, 5 monographs, national and international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, patents, and presented at many scientific conferences.

Title of the speech: Comprehensive Approach for Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical Systems: Fixture Design Case Study


Present work is devoted to locating and clamping of prismatic parts in fixtures during the machining on drilling-milling-boring machines. The special feature of locating schemes of parts of the present type is that one of the flat surfaces is used as a datum (3 contact points) ensuring stability, convenience of locating and vibration elimination during the machining process. Within the scope of the presented work, the comprehensive mathematical model of the system “fixture – workpiece” has been developed taking into account technological features of locating and clamping processes of workpiece in fixture. The methodology of determination of the rigidity of the cutting tool and functional elements has been proposed. As a result, the static and dynamic analysis of the workpiece in the fixture under the effect of spatial system of cutting and clamping forces is being determined. In addition, the free frequencies of the system “fixture-workpiece” and forms of the free and forced vibrations, frequency-response characteristics are being determined.